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Electrochemistry News Items & Facts - December 2023

Every day, we all use battery powered devices at home, drive vehicles, eat packaged foods, and drink clean water. These are a few examples of the countless aspects of our modern lifestyles which are reliant on electrochemistry - broadly defined as the study of how electricity interacts with materials.

As an electrochemistry instrumentation company, Admiral Instruments proudly serves our customers who are among the millions of scientists, engineers, & technicians around the world using potentiostats and battery cyclers to uncover new ways electrochemistry may benefit us all.

To celebrate how electrochemistry has shaped the past, touches our present-day lives, and influences the future, every month Admiral Instruments posts five notable news articles, publications, & trivia somehow related to electrochemistry. Click on each entry to read more from the source article!

Electrochemistry News Items & Facts for December 2023:

  1. “Floatovoltaics” consist of traditional photovoltaic panels installed on water reservoirs rather than land. The first Floatovoltaic installation was built in Japan in 2007, and Japan hosts 73 out of the top 100 installations.

  2. Halide perovskite nanocrystals, which are at the core of research into next-generation photovoltaic technology, were recently shown to have self-healing properties derived from the organic molecules covering their surface.

  3. The model-year 2022 Hummer EV has a 47 MPGe rating from the EPA and weighs 9,063 lbs. Its 212.7 kWh battery pack weighs 2,923 lbs by itself. The battery pack is nearly the same weight as an entire 2022 Honda Civic.

  4. Canadian researchers recently reported the first known electroencephalogram (EEG) taken of a human brain during their death, recording 900 seconds of neural oscillations before activity ceased.

  5. Charge pumping is a technique for characterizing the semiconductor-dielectric interface of a material by pulsing a gate voltage and measuring a DC substrate current at the same time.

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