TLS03 Tunable Light Source

This unique and patented tunable light-source, TLS03, uses dedicated LEDs as well as a linear monochromator. Different from systems using Xenon lamps which require filters and a mechanical chopper, the concept of the TLS03 provides high light intensity along with a low spectral half-width and a multitude of features unique for this kind of instruments. Furthermore, LEDs can be modulated much faster than a mechanical chopper. Using a tuneable lightsource offers unrivaled levels of time savings and flexibility when running experiments requiring several different wavelengths, or modulating wavelengths.


The TLS03 is available with a standard wavelength range of 365 nm to 1020 nm and with an extended range of 295 nm to 1020 nm.


Benefits of TLS03 Compared to Xe-Lamp Monochromator Chopper Arrangements

  • Easy light weigthed "in a box"
  • High power efficiency
  • No warm up time
  • Higher useable light intensity
  • Higher modulation frequency
  • Real sine-wave modulation without harmonic distortion
  • Switchable background illumination
  • PTB traceable sensor integrated
  • Reference cell not necessary
  • No sample repositioning



TLS03 Tunable Light Source