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Squidstat User Interface (SUI)

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Quickly Access Common Experiments

Drag & Drop to Create Custom Experiments

Easily View Data From One or More Channels

Manual Control: A Unique Exploratory Tool

Control Dozens of Channels Simultaneously

No Risk of Losing Data From Interruptions

Supported Electrochemistry Experiments

  • Battery Capacity (coming soon)

  • Charge / Discharge 1 (CC-CV)

  • Charge / Discharge 2 (CC-CV-EIS)

  • Charge / Discharge 3 (Max P / Constant P)

  • Charge / Discharge 4 (Constant R / Constant P)

  • Chronoamperometry

  • Chronopotentiometry

  • ​Constant Power Charge / Discharge

  • Constant Resistance Discharge

  • Cyclic Voltammetry (CV)

  • Differential Pulse Voltammetry (DPV)

  • Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) - Galvanostatic

  • Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) - Potentiostatic

  • Galvanostatic Intermittent Titration Technique (GITT)

  • Linear Sweep Voltammetry (LSV)

  • Mott-Schottky

  • Normal Pulse Voltammetry

  • Open Circuit Monitoring

  • Potentiostatic Intermittent Titration Technique (PITT)

  • Square Wave Voltammetry

  • Staircase Voltammetry (coming soon)

  • More Methods Incoming!


Squidstat User Interface Downloads

Version   (Released October 25, 2019)

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SUI Installation Instructions Summary

Squidstat Operating Manual

List of Updates and Fixes Since Previous Release

  • The SUI now automatically loads firmware updates, eliminating the need for users to perform updates manually

  • Mott-Schottky is now available as a prebuilt experiment

  • Graphical bugs in charge/discharge experiments, CV and DPV are fixed

  • An autoranging bug in the Squidstat Prime and Solo firmware during a constant potential step is fixed

  • If Zahner Analysis is installed on a Mac computer, it can be opened directly from the SUI (same as PC version)

  • Fixed CV bug when choosing to “Scan to the Upper Limit” and setting “Starting Potential” the same as “Upper Scan Limit”

  • A Nyquist plot is now the default plot visible when running an EIS experiment

  • Charge/Discharge bug in “Constant Power” experiment now fixed

  • A message now appears in the “Run an Experiment” tab if the default parameters in the “More Options” tab were changed

  • “Reset to Default Settings” button added to relevant parameters in the “More Options” tab

  • Staircase Voltammetry is now listed as a prebuilt experiment, designated as "COMING SOON"

  • This SUI Installer also has the option to install Zahner Analysis 4.0.0 version in Windows

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- Potentiostats / Galvanostats

- Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy

- High-current Loads for Batteries & Fuel Cells

- Solar Cell Analysis & Optimization

- Corrosion Monitoring & Modeling


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The custom experiment builder is specifically created to combine different methods back-to-back, loop some elements, and modify setpoints or trigger points in a "set it and forget it" fashion. Individual building blocks can be connected and looped in a wide variety of ways to give users practically unrestricted flexibility.