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Hello Electrochemists! Announcing the Creation of Admiral Instruments

Squidstat potentiostats for electrochemistry

Greetings! Our team is very happy to announce the recent evolution of MFC Systems into a new potentiostat manufacturing and distribution company called Admiral Instruments. Admiral Instruments is a rebranding of MFC Systems as part of a newly-formed partnership with Zahner Scientific Instruments from Germany. Admiral Instruments remains based in Phoenix, Arizona. Admiral Instruments continues to sell and support the ever-popular 4-channel Squidstat Prime potentiostat for $4,900, as well as the Squidstat Solo potentiostat for $1,900. The upcoming Squidstat Plus for $4,900 is a single-channel potentiostat featuring EIS up to 1 MHz and a +/-1 A maximum current. We are also planning to substantially upgrade the Squidstat Prime and Squidstat Solo with help from Zahner, so stay tuned for updates later this year. In addition to offering low-cost potentiostats, Admiral Instruments is now the exclusive USA distributor for the entire Zahner product portfolio. Zahner's dozens of electrochemistry workstations and accessories have advanced over their 40+ year history to deliver high-end performance that satisfies even the most advanced electrochemistry or photo-electrochemistry researchers. Please visit for more info. To all of you who were customers of MFC Systems, we greatly appreciate your business and look forward to supporting your instrumentation needs far into the future. To all of you who have not yet used Squidstat potentiostats or Zahner products, we aspire to earn your business. I encourage all of you to contact us to discuss how Admiral can help achieve your electrochemistry and photo-electrochemistry research goals. Sincerely, Mark Sholin Co-founder & President Admiral Instruments, LLC Email: Office: +1 480 256 8706 Moblie: +1 480 703 1130

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