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Seeking a Sales / Applications Engineer

Help us fill these empty seats!

Admiral Instruments is hiring! We are seeking an electrochemical engineering expert to join our team as a Sales / Applications Engineer. As our customer base continues to grow, especially with the imminent release of our brand new Squidstat Plus potentiostat and the Squidstat User Interface v2.0, we need to grow our team to support customer engagement efforts, work with our product development team to identify new features to build into our instruments, and help brainstorm brand new product concepts!

To apply, please send a resume and cover letter to Mark Sholin at

Other specific responsibilities include:​

  • Traveling to US-based conferences to help exhibit our product portfolio to attendees

  • Searching for and responding to RFPs, tenders, and bids from universities and companies

  • Addressing customer questions about using our instrumentation, and helping troubleshoot technical issues

  • Publishing applications notes and how-to guides onto our website and other platforms online

  • Reaching out to new customer leads met during conferences and other events

  • Creating technical content for seminars hosted at customer sites or during conferences

  • Writing and editing product documentation, for example user manuals

  • Submitting technical abstracts for oral presentations or poster sessions at conferences

Applicants for this position should have earned (or have almost completed) a MS or PhD in an engineering discipline related to electrochemistry. Applicants must have substantial experience using potentiostats in prior research projects, too. Whoever is hired for this position will work side-by-side with the co-founders of Admiral Instruments, thereby guaranteeing a high degree of interactivity with the key decision makers in the company and thus positioning nicely for long-term career growth opportunities.

If you aren't seeking a new position like this but have qualified friends or colleagues who may be interested, please send them our way!

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