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Photo-Electrochemistry Webinar Hosted at ASU

In this post we are "Phocusing on Photo-Electrochemistry" by sharing the webinar Admiral Instruments hosted at Arizona State University (ASU) on October 25th, 2017. Solar PV researchers from other universities including Caltech, University of Houston, and University of Deleware dialed in to see the live demos. This 90-minute webinar covered all of the most commonly used techniques relied upon by solar PV researchers and other electrochemistry professionals. The unique features and benefits of the Zahner CIMPS workstation were demonstrated as well. Timestamps in the video for each method covered are below, and are also accessible in the YouTube video description. Many thanks go out to Dr. Michael Multerer from Zahner who did all of the live demonstrations in the webinar, Sebastian Husein from ASU who helped me organize the event, and the QESST Engineering Research Center at ASU for allowing us to use their hosting resources and promoting the webinar to other research groups!

General Introduction - 0:42

Zahner CIMPS Hardware Overview - 11:30

IE Curve, Max Power, Fill Factor - 18:30

Time Domain Measurements - 22:45

Intensity Modulated Experiments (IMPS/IMVS) - 28:42

Interpreting and Modeling IMPS/IMVS Data - 37:47

Charge Extraction - 48:07

Fast Intensity Transient Recording - 52:48

Chopped Light Voltammetry - 59:04

Using TLS03 Tunable Light Source - 1:04:35

Quantum Efficiency / IPCE Measurements - 1:12:20

Conclusion and Q&A Session - 1:20:18

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