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New Year, New Team, New Projects

Happy New Year 2018! Our team at Admiral Instruments is looking forward to the good fortune 2018 will bring to our company and customers. We had two new team members start this month. The first, Yash Kanani, is working on the Squidstat User Interface v2.0 and assisting with bug fixes during the beta release phase. The second, Rey Chavez, is helping build all of our Squidstats to better match production capacity with customer demand. In addition to growing our team, we are in the process of scheduling our 2018 conference exhibition plans. We currently have ten conferences we plan to exhibit at and will be posting these on the front page of our website. There will likely be more we register for as the year progresses. Please come visit our booth if you plan to also attend any of these conferences! The Squidstat Plus potentiostat is poised to be a best seller in 2018, considering the $4,900 price point, EIS up to 1 MHz, and +/-1 A maximum current it is capable of. If you're unsure about whether or not the Squidstat Plus would be a worthy addition to your lab, please reply to this email requesting a free demo unit. Our team would be happy to supply you with one that you can evaluate for 30 days at no cost to you. One more note as we welcome the start of 2018... We often ask customers for feedback about how we can better address their electrochemistry needs. Sometimes these conversations result in the creation of new hardware and software products. So to begin the new year, I encourage all of you to email one request for a product or software feature to improve the speed, convenience, or quality of your experiments.

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