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Upgraded Squidstat Solo Specs and Lower Squidstat Prime Pricing!

In our daily efforts to make electrochemistry instrumentation serve the global research community more effectively, we are happy to announce upgraded performance specs for the Squidstat Solo potentiostat and a lower price for the Squidstat Prime! Previously, the Squidstat Solo was limited to +/-25 mA maximum current. We have now quadrupled the Squidstat Solo max current t +/-100 mA, matching it with the capabilities of the channels installed on the Squidstat Prime. The Squidstat Solo maintains it's status as the best priced research-grade potentiostat on the market at just $1,900 USD.

The Squidstat Prime had long been our most popular potentiostat up until the introduction of the $4,900 EIS-capable Squidstat Plus. It's still quite popular for users running DC experiments on many samples at the same time. The Squidstat Prime has historically been purchasable in any configuration between 1 and 4 channels per unit. However, customers that orders Squidstat Primes almost always bought them in 4-channel configurations to get the best dollar value per channel. To better serve customers, we decided to streamline our production process by focusing solely on building the Squidstat Prime as a 4-channel model. This decision enables us to lower the price to just $4,800 for the 4-channel instrument!

Any customers who don't need a 4-channel potentiostat are best served by buying one or more units of the newly upgraded single-channel Squidstat Solo instead. We continue to identify ways to keep our Squidstat prices as competitive as possible without sacrificing our high quality standards! If you have any recommendations as to how we can continue such improvements, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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