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ECS Fall 2019 Recap and Caricature Download Instructions

The 236th Electrochemical Society Meeting in Atlanta, Georgia was an amazing experience for Admiral Instruments. We observed an above-average level of buzz and excitement among attendees considering the recent 2019 Nobel Prize in Chemistry announcement on Li-ion battery technology!

It's always a pleasure catching up with present-day Squidstat potentiostat users and introducing new people to the benefits we provide with our modern electrochemistry instruments and accessories. Our electrode supplier Ionode was kind enough to prepare a special electrode display station for our booth which was well-received by visitors.

Many other booth visitors expressed interest in registering for our popular free 30-day Squidstat potentiostat demo program to test how closely our capabilities match with potentiostats that are 2x or 3x more expensive than our Squidstats.

In a special effort to enrich the browsing experience for attendees visiting the exhibit hall, Admiral hosted a caricature artist drawing activity at our booth. Artist Tony Brischler did a phenomenal job drawing over 100 caricatures!

All who visited us for a caricature are welcome to download a digital copy by visiting this link (link also posted below) and entering the password "squidstat" all lower-case without quotations. All the caricatures are in the same folder, so you will need to search among the 100+ pictures to find yours. Please note that the caricatures shared folder will be accessible only until December 31st, 2019.

Caricatures shared folder link (password is: squidstat) -!At4s-8gqeB4n9g9CIeuTUZXvnMnB?e=1D9qy5

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