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NAATBatt 2020 Conference Recap

The 2020 conference season is off to a strong start for Admiral Instruments. We spent February 10th through 13th at NAATBatt 2020 convened this year in beautiful Pasadena, California. Co-founders Mark Sholin and Stephen Hung were in attendance to exhibit our electrochemistry instrumentation, sign people up for free 30-day Squidstat potentiostat demos, and to give a talk about battery sorting for recycling operations.

NAATBatt Opening Remarks

Opening remarks given by Jim Greenberger, NAATBatt Executive Director, on Day 1 of NAATBatt 2020

Admiral Instruments was one of 15 exhibitors among a crowd of approximately 250 attendees representing all aspects of the battery industry. NAATBatt conferences are in the realm of smaller conferences we participate in as exhibitors, but we find the experience to be wonderfully rewarding, insightful, and educational as attendees are highly motivated to engage in much deeper discussions than they typically participate in at bigger, busier conferences.

Mark Sholin showing Squidstats at booth

Admiral Instruments Co-founder & President Mark Sholin speaking to a booth visitor

NAATBatt meetings are notorious for the ample food & drink options offered to attendees. Be cautious, dieters! Pairing the food & drink breaks with the exhibition hall is a welcomed strategy, as evidenced by the strong turnout captured on video:

Exhibit hall opening gif

Bustling crowd visiting exhibitors during the Day 1 exhibit hall grand opening

One of the most enjoyable aspects of exhibiting at conferences is catching up with our family of Squidstat users in attendance to learn about their upcoming projects and to collect feedback about how to improve our product offerings. The vast majority of new electrochemical experiments and features we add into our software are inspired by feedback we actively collect from our family of users. This same feedback has spurred development of several new products launching in 2020 that will be well-received by electrochemists around the world!

Squidstat booth conversations

Listening and following through with product improvement ideas made by our users is key to our growth

In addition to our typical exhibitor presence, our Co-founder & President Mark Sholin was afforded an opportunity to give a presentation describing Admiral’s recent efforts to commercialize our unique Electrochemical Battery Sorting System™ (EBBS) technology. This concept is designed to boost profitability for battery recyclers by inexpensively and automatically measuring used cells for elemental formulation, state of health, and state of charge.

Our R&D efforts are financially supported by the Department of Energy’s Battery Recycling Prize. Mark is very appreciative of the individuals who reached out immediately after his presentation to signal their interest in partnering for subsequent phases of the Battery Recycling Prize. Stay tuned for more updates about the EBSS in the coming months!

Electrochemical Battery Sorting System presentation

Mark Sholin, Co-Founder & President of Admiral Instruments, presenting our Electrochemical Battery Sorting System during Day 3 of NAATBatt 2020

The Admiral team particularly welcomes the emphasis NAATBatt consciously places on creating an environment geared towards industry-wide problem solving with open conversations among all stakeholders – even those that may directly compete with one another. For example, Day 3 featured this eye-opening panel about “How To Make the USA a Leader in Lithium-ion Battery Manufacturing” featuring C-level executives from heavy hitters including CATL, EnerSys, American Battery Solutions, and the Department of Energy.

NAATBatt panel about battery manufacturing in USA

Panelists on the topic of “How To Make the USA a Leader in Lithium-ion Battery Manufacturing"

Other unique networking, including newly-introduced Breakfast Discussion Tables, has the Admiral team more excited than ever to explore brand new technology concepts of importance to supporting the battery industry. We look forward to opportunities sparked during NAATBatt to bring first-of-their-kind electrochemical measurement products to market for the benefit of the entire electrochemistry community focused on battery technology.

NAATBatt breakfast discussion table

A new innovation for NAATBatt 2020 were Breakfast Discussion Tables on key topics, a perfect example of how NAATBatt is continuously adding new ways to encourage dialogue among attendees

For those of you who had the good fortune to attend NAATBatt 2020, we hope this recap evokes fond memories and inspires you to share your own experiences from the conference with us. Feel free to post your thoughts on our social media channels! For those of you who couldn’t make it and feel like you missed out, we highly recommend joining us next year at NAATBatt 2021 hosted in our hometown of Phoenix, Arizona during the second week of February.

Visit Phoenix, Arizona for NAATBatt 2021 to find us and discover what everyone is talking about 😊

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