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Electrochemistry News Items & Facts - August 2023

Every day, we all use battery powered devices at home, drive vehicles, eat packaged foods, and drink clean water. These are a few examples of the countless aspects of our modern lifestyles which are reliant on electrochemistry - broadly defined as the study of how electricity interacts with materials.

As an electrochemistry instrumentation company, Admiral Instruments proudly serves our customers who are among the millions of scientists, engineers, & technicians around the world using potentiostats and battery cyclers to uncover new ways electrochemistry may benefit us all.

To celebrate how electrochemistry has shaped the past, touches our present-day lives, and influences the future, every month Admiral Instruments posts five notable news articles, publications, & trivia somehow related to electrochemistry. Click on each entry to read more from the source article!

Electrochemistry News Items & Facts for August 2023:

  1. The Arizona state capitol building recently had a new copper dome installed at a cost of $870,000 after the previously-installed dome only lasted approximately 10 years due to corrosion from a failed coating method.

  2. The US Navy is funding development of battery-powered lasers that can shoot a 5kW beam, with the main goal of recent research being to overcome active cooling constraints to enable better portability.

  3. The James Webb space telescope uses specialized 16-bit ADCs made to operate near 0 K to amplify the voltage of the analog signals from the telescope's light detectors.

  4. Zinc metals, and components coated with zinc-based compounds, have a longer service life than other metals because zinc corrodes at 1/30th the rate of steel.

  5. Cryo-EM, a form of electron microscopy that won the 2017 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for its application to biological samples, was recently used to image the SEI layer in Li-ion batteries.

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