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Electrochemistry News Items & Facts - September 2021

Every day, we all use battery powered devices at home, drive vehicles, eat packaged foods, and drink clean water. These are a few examples of the countless aspects of our modern lifestyles reliant on electrochemistry - broadly defined as defined as the study of how electricity interact with materials.

As an electrochemistry instrumentation company, Admiral Instruments proudly serves our customers who are among the millions of scientists, engineers, & technicians around the world using potentiostats to uncover new ways to harness the benefits of electrochemistry for us all.

To celebrate the countless ways electrochemistry touches our lives and influences future technologies, every month (starting in September 2021) Admiral Instruments will post five notable news articles, publications, & trivia about electrochemistry and related scientific disciplines. Click on each entry to read more from the source of each entry!

  1. The planet Mars is red because the iron-rich surface has corroded into Iron(III) oxide, which has a red color. There are competing theories as to how the corrosion occurred.

  2. A paper was recently published about Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) being applied to microplastics detection in waterways.

  3. According to the US National Weather Service, a typical lightning flash consists of approximately 300,000,000 Volts and 30,000 Amps.

  4. Copper is such an abundant natural resource in Arizona (our company's home state!) due to a unique combination of early volcanic activity and subsequent exposure conditions.

  5. The global cost of corrosion is estimated to be $2.5 trillion USD annually, which is equivalent to 3.4% of global GDP based on 2013 figures.

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