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New Library of Electrochemistry Application Notes Now Available

Our team has revamped the collection of application notes available on the Support page of our website! We encounter intriguing questions from our customers all the time, and these application notes are intended to help educate readers on the topics we hear about most often from our customers.

Below are descriptions and links to our top-3 favorite application notes, and we encourage everyone to browse the entire collection. We have a long list of additional topics perfect for application notes that we will write about in the coming months. Stay tuned for updates!

Our Top-3 Favorite Application Notes:

EIS is a popular, powerful measurement method that can be used for anything from routine testing to cutting edge R&D of next-generation electrochemical systems.

This 16-slide presentation covers key concepts about running EIS on batteries, analyzing the resulting data, and explaining the differences between EIS and traditional DC measurements.

Anyone who has ever wondered about the electrical engineering aspects of potentiostat design & functionality would be well-served to review this 25-slide presentation.

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