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SPR Webinar Recap & Cyclic Voltammetry Tips Video

On May 25th 2021, Admiral Instruments co-presented a technical webinar about Electrochemistry and Surface Plasmon Resonance to a worldwide audience of 142 registered attendees! Please visit this link to view a recording of the full one-hour session.

Admiral's portion of the webinar, titled Introduction to Electrochemistry Methods, is now available on the Admiral Instruments YouTube channel and on our Support page. This video is ideal for anyone who would benefit from an approximately 10-minute long overview about potentiostat fundamentals and basic tips for running Cyclic Voltammetry.

At the conclusion of the webinar, we distributed a brand new Application Note to the audience that provides a deeper explanation about some of the Cyclic Voltammetry tips shared during the webinar. This Application Note, titled Using Cyclic Voltammetry To Study Redox Reactions, is now available on our Support page for all to study!

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