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Squidstat software update v2.06.15.2023 is now available

After nearly a year since our last software update was released in August 2022, the Admiral Instruments team proudly announces our latest software update! This new version (v2.06.15.2023) includes many improvements, with the top five most notable improvements listed below. The full list is available by viewing the Release Notes contained in the More Options menu of the software.

Top-5 Notable Updates:

  1. Users can create customized tiles in the Build An Experiment screen, similar to how custom experiments are created.

  2. The Manual Control tab has been redesigned to make it more intuitive to use.

  3. All notifications are now saved to a file in the Documents/Admiral Instruments folder called SUILogFile<timestamp>.txt to assist with responding to questions from users.

  4. The More Options menu has been revamped to more clearly organize the various options available, and with clearer explanations about what the options do.

  5. Squidstat Cycler users now have the ability to collect what we call "EIS time series" data which is impedance values measured as a function of time and frequency.

Please visit the Downloads section of our website to access the new software. All Squidstat software updates are freely available and natively compatible on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Many of these improvements were inspired by requests from our family of customers and distributors. We greatly appreciate everyone's collective efforts to improve our Squidstats. We continue to make strides to enhance our data analysis capabilities, but aren't ready to make those plans public. We encourage those interested to contact us if you'd like more insight into what we have planned!

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