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COLT Kit For Coatings & Laminates

The COLT measurement system has been designed to match the special demands of investigations on coatings and laminates. Besides traditional electrochemical investigations supported by the Thales software package, a variety of special measurements and documentation tasks can be done easily with the COLT kit. These include:


  • Layer quality test
  • D-Layer test
  • Delamination test
  • AC-DC-AC tests on coatings & laminates
  • AC-DC-AC tests on packaging materials
  • AC-DC-AC tests on coated surfaces


A cleverly devised combination of measuring cells, electrodes and auxiliary equipment, specially constructed for COLT, reduces the time needed to prepare and connect samples, allowing a high throughput of test samples.

COLT Kit For Coatings & Laminates

  • COLT standard kit

    Coating stability test,
    Layer quality test

    Cut edge delamination test,
    In-situ can test

    COLT software module,
    cable sets,
    plastic tweezers and pipette

    Shielded cylinder electrode,
    set of electrolyte carrieres,
    buffer solutions

    Glass vessel,
    stainless steel ring electrode,
    reference electrode,
    electrode stand,
    foil cutter

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