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EL1000 Load Bank

The EL1000 electronic load bank is designed to investigate single cells or complete stacks up to 100 V. Adding an additional external electronic load, the maximum current of 200 A can be raised up to 600 A and the corresponding power from 1000 W to 60 kW.


The EL1000 operates either as a standalone device under PC control for DC-only measurements, or in combination with a Zennium electrochemical workstation for both DC measurements and AC impedance measurements.


Customers not interested in operating the EL1000 as a standalone device can instead connect it to a Zennium workstation. The EL-Series potentiostats are controlled by an EPC42, which is a plug-in module for the Zennium workstations. Each EPC42 can control up to four EL-Series devices. Up to four EPC42 cards can control up to 16 ELs by one Zennium. The EL-Series is completely integrated into the Zennium operating environment. Thus, all acquisition and analysis techniques that run on the Zennium can be applied with the EL-Series load banks as well. The installation of one or more EL-Series load bank will upgrade the Zennium to an even more versatile, high-current electrochemical workstation.


Supported methods with coupled Zennium workstation:

  • Impedance spectroscopy
  • Simulation & model fitting
  • Cyclic voltammetry
  • Polarization curves
  • Multicell multitasking voltammetry
  • Arbitrary current/potential/time measurement
  • Capacity/potential measurements
  • Automatic series measurements


Supported methods with PC only:

  • U vs. time, I vs. time
  • Current Potential Curves (U/I)
  • Cyclic Voltammetry, CV at OCP
  • Charging/Discharging, Battery Cycling

EL1000 Load Bank

  • Operating modes


    Potential range

    ±4 V / ±100 V

    Potential accuracy

    ±0.1% / ±5 mV

    Current range

    0 A … 200 A

    Current accuracy

    ±0.25 % / ±10 mA

    Power dissipation

    1000 W @ Ta

    Frequency range

    10 µHz - 10 kHz @ 200 A
    10 µHz - 100 kHz @ 50 A

    Impedance range

    1 µΩ - 1 kΩ

    Ambient temperature

    0C … 25C


    470 x 160 x 446 mm


    20 kg

    System requirements

    Zennium + EPC42 or PC

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