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EL300 Load Bank

The EL300 electronic load bank is an one-quadrant potentiostat designed to sink currents up to 100 A at a total power of 100 W (air cooled) and up to 300 W (water cooled). Unlike the EL1000, the EL300 only functions as an add-on to a Zennium workstation.


The EL300 load bank is controlled by an EPC42, which is a plug-in module for the Zennium workstations. Each EPC42 can control up to four EL-Series devices. Up to four EPC42 cards can control up to 16 ELs by one Zennium. The EL-Series is completely integrated into the Zennium operating environment. Thus, all acquisition and analysis techniques that run on the Zennium can be applied with the EL-Series load banks as well. The installation of one or more EL-Series load banks will upgrade the Zennium to an even more versatile, high-current electrochemical workstation.


Supported methods with coupled Zennium workstation:

  • Impedance spectroscopy
  • Simulation & model fitting
  • Cyclic voltammetry
  • Polarization curves
  • Multicell multitasking voltammetry
  • Arbitrary current/potential/time measurement
  • Capacity/potential measurements
  • Automatic series measurements

EL300 Load Bank

  • Operating modes


    Potential range

    ±12 V

    Potential accuracy

    ±0.25% / ±2 mV

    Current range

    0 A … 100 A

    Current accuracy

    ±0.25 % / ±3 mA

    Power dissipation

    100 W @ Ta
    300 W water cooled

    Frequency range

    10 µHz - 3 kHz @ 100 A
    10 µHz - 10 kHz @ 25 A

    Impedance range

    1 µΩ - 1 kΩ

    Ambient temperature

    0C … 25C


    185 x 160 x 317 mm


    7.3 kg

    System requirements

    Zennium + EPC42

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