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All-Purpose Corrosion Cells

Admiral Instruments features a variety of corrosion cells sourced from Zahner Scientific Instruments in Germany. The KMZ3 corrosion measuring cell is a triple electrode non-water-jacketed cell for standard electrochemical measurements. A temperature-controllable variant is available, the KMZ5 corrosion measuring cell, which has a triple electrode water-jacket cell for standard electrochemical measurements with a cell container suitable for connection to constant temperature circulators. The AMZ60 Flat Sample Corrosion Cell specializes for samples in a flat plate configuration.


Some application fields include:

  • Corrosion testing
  • Fundamental electrochemical research
  • Metallography
  • Quality assurance testing
  • Biotechnology
  • Microelectronics

Each KMZ3 corrosion cell comes with: specimen holder (WE), counter electrode, reference electrode (Calomel), liquid junction tube, intermediate vessel, gas in- and outlet. The KMZ5 includes the following extras: reference electrode (Ag/AgCl), thermometer, glass stirrer.

All-Purpose Corrosion Cells

  • Cell container

    Glass, max. 130 mm in diameter


    Max. 500 ml

    Cell top

    About 120 mm in diameter

    Operating temperature

    Max. 50 °C for KMZ3 (max 110 °C for KMZ5)

    Specimen holder

    PP, NS-29

    Counter electrode

    NS-24, platinum sheet 4 cm2

    Gas inlet and outlet

    Glass pipe, NS-14.5

    Reference electrode

    KE 10 / NSK 7 (Calomel. 60 °C)

    Liquid junction tube

    2 parts, NS-19 / NS-17, w. Haber Luggin capillary sleeve junctions

    Intermediate vessel

    Glass, NS-29 / 2 x NS-7


    PVC (only in KMZ3), PP, glass

  • Cell container

    Plexiglass tube

    Measuring area

    6 cm2

    Minimum width of sample

    5 cm

    Maximum width of sample

    10 cm

    Counter electrode

    Stainless steel rod

    Reference electrode


    Working electrode


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