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Zennium X

The Zennium X is the most highly capable electrochemistry workstation carried by Admiral Instruments. It is comprised of a potentiostat / galvanostat and a frequency response analyzer (FRA) unit with a frequency range up to 12 MHz at ±4 A and at a compliance voltage of up to ±32 V. With a standard input impedance of more than 10 TΩ || 5 pF, this workstation is suitable for a wide range of electrochemical measurements, even moreso than the Zennium Pro.


Please review the product specifications to the right for specific details about hardware capabilities. Click the "+" to the right of the different hardware categories to review them. Some highlights include:


  • 32 bit converter resolution for exceptional DC accuracy
  • Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) frequency range from 10 µHz to 12 MHz
  • HDP technology with 24 bit AC resolution for highest dynamic accuracy
  • ADF technology for extremely fast CV up to 10 kV/s with continuous slopes for outstanding CV performance
  • Compliance voltage up to ±32 V
  • Software switchable compliance voltage for minimum noise, optimum sample safety and energy efficieny
  • DC voltage ranges ±5 V and ±15 V software controlled perfectly matching the requirements of Lithium battery research
  • AC amplitude 0 - 2 V and 0 - 6 V with 18 bit resolution
  • Modular concept for high flexibility and expandability
  • Bipotentiostat module optional
  • Floating / grounded mode switchable for measuring on a wide range of objects


The electrochemical measurement capabilites of the Zennium X workstation can be extented by adding up to four additional plug-in cards such as TEMP/U or EPC42. For example, the latter makes it possible to control up to four additional external devices such as power potentiostats of the PP/XPot-series (boosters) or electrical loads of the EL-series. Thus, the Zennium X electrochemical workstation can be expanded in a wide variety of ways to provide even more advanced measurement methods and allows for practically any electrochemical research requirement, no matter how complex.


The many different expansion tools available to install onto the Zennium X makes it, and other members of the Zennium family of products, uniquely capable to add features as the scope of our customers' research expands.


Some examples of the add-ons available include:


  • Compliance Voltage up to ±120 V (CVB120)
  • Output Power up to ±40 A / ±20 V (External Potentiostats)
  • Input Impedance up to 1000 TΩ (HiZ Probe)
  • Input Current up to 200 A (EL1000)
  • 4 Additional Channels for True Parallel Impedance Spectra (PAD4)


Each Zennium X purchase comes bundled with Zahner's Thales XT software package enabling users to run all standard electrochemical methods and more with ease. A summary of the different methods the Zennium is capable of running are availabie in the dropdown menu to the right.

Zennium X

  • Overall bandwidth

    DC - 15 MHz

    ADC resolution

    32 bit

    Harmonic reject

    > 60 dB @ ½ full scale

    Potentiostat modes

    Potentiostatic, galvanostatic, pseudo-galvanostatic, rest potential, off

    Cell connection

    2-, 3-, 4-terminal kelvin

    Ground reference

    Grounded, floating

    Extension slots


    PC interface

    USB 2.0


    470 x 160 x 376 mm


    13.2 kg


    cell cable set, USB cable, power cord, manual, Testbox, THALES XT Software Suite

    Power supply

    100/115/230VAC, 50/60Hz

    Ambient temperature

    +10 °C to +30 °C

    Ambient humidity

    < 60% without derating

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