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Zennium XC

The ZENNIUM XC is a high-performance electrochemical workstation providing high-end features like a frequency range up to 5 MHz, a maximum current of ±2 A, a controlled voltage of ±14 V, and an input impedance of 10 TΩ || ±5 pF. The ZENNIUM XC is a perfect workstation for a wide range of electrochemical applications with focus on corrosion, coatings and laminates. The ZENNIUM XC can be easily switched from grounded to floating operation.


The ZENNIUM XC comes bundled with the outstanding THALES XT software package which offers all standard methods and more at a mouse click. This is why the Zennium XC can easily be adapted to very different measurement requirements.

Zennium XC

  • Overall bandwidth

    DC - 6 MHz

    ADC resolution

    32 bit

    Harmonic reject*

    > 60 dB @ ½ full scale

    Potentiostat modes

    potentiostatic, galvanostatic, pseudo-galvanostatic, rest potential, ZRA, off

    Cell connection

    2-, 3-, 4-terminal kelvin

    Ground reference

    grounded, floating

    PC interface

    USB 2.0


    255 x 160 x 385 mm


    8 kg


    2 cell cable sets, USB cable, power cord, manual

    Power supply

    100/115/230 VAC, 50/60 Hz

    Ambient temperature

    +10 °C to +30 °C

    Ambient humidity

    < 60% without derating

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