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Electrochemistry News Items & Facts - November 2021

Every day, we all use battery powered devices at home, drive vehicles, eat packaged foods, and drink clean water. These are a few examples of the countless aspects of our modern lifestyles reliant on electrochemistry - broadly defined as the study of how electricity interact with materials.

As an electrochemistry instrumentation company, Admiral Instruments proudly serves our customers who are among the millions of scientists, engineers, & technicians around the world using potentiostats to uncover new ways electrochemistry may benefit us all.

To celebrate how electrochemistry has shaped the past, touches our present-day lives, and influences the future, every month Admiral Instruments posts five notable news articles, publications, & trivia somehow related to electrochemistry. Click on each entry to read more from the source article!

Electrochemistry News Items & Facts for November 2021:

  1. If an uninterrupted power transmission line route is longer than approximately 300 miles, DC transmission lines become a better option because AC transmission lines have more line losses than DC for bulk power transfer starting at a distance of 300 miles.

  2. The first complete integrated circuit ever built was created by Jack Kilby of Texas Instruments in 1958.

  3. Most blood glucose meters are amperometric sensors measuring current generated by an enzymatic reaction between glucose, an enzyme, and a mediator.

  4. Capacitive deionization is an emerging electrochemical water treatment process that typically uses an approximately 1V DC electric field between two sets of electrodes separated by membranes.

  5. The first manufacturer of Li-ion batteries in North America was Moli Energy in Canada, which is also where battery pioneer Jeff Dahn spent part of his early career.

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